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My Kitchen Handles

Putting some thought into selecting kitchen handles is very important. A simple change of handles can dramatically change the entire look of your kitchen. Recently I started the process of updating my existing kitchen with firstly adding new handles. I knew exactly the type of handles I wanted but did not want to spend a […]

Relax and Unwind

The bathroom is a place for relaxation , to refresh and make yourself feel great. I love a bathroom that makes you feel like you are at a spa retreat. A place of tranquility, beautiful to the eye and calming to the mind. I find a white bathroom definitely creates a space of cleanliness and […]

Tropical British Colonial Style

A beautiful mix between island life and English sophistication.   An exotic classic style with a light and fresh design.  A created space that makes you feel like you are permanently on vacation. I fell in love with this tropical style because of the layers, textures and the adventurous objects from their origin.  The addition of […]


The love of texture…… There’s something quite beautiful about woven pieces of decor or furniture that bring our homes alive. Texture offers interest that touches our senses as well as the ability to offer the decorative sense of completing a home. Adding natural elements to a home creates depth to a space where the neutral colours […]

Tropics Inspired

The lifestyle of the tropics is about relaxed living, comfort and amazing hospitality. Life is care free and stress doesn’t exist. So lets take a trip to a tropical island and get inspired recreating island living in your home. Tropical interiors involve the use of natural materials, greenery, a bold accent colour and a foliage […]

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