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Here is a little about Coconut Interiors…….

I am an Interior Designer living in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney with my husband and 3 boys. I have always loved shopping for interior products and creating a home that is inviting and soothing. I have worked for Architectural firms on commercial, retail and residence. This is were I new I preferred to design interior spaces for family homes. After having my 2nd child I decided that I would love to be a stay at home mum and spend time. with my kids while they are young. While the kids were growing up we moved a few times and even built a brand new home.I was kept busy with 2 young kids and designing all the rooms in our house. When we decided again we wanted to move again to a different suburb, I had my 3rd little boy. He was a hand full and kept me super busy. We decided that we are now happy with being a party of 5 and I knew it was time for me to start planning my home business. The name Coconut Interiors came from I absolute obsession with coconuts. Coconuts remind me of my childhood and my days with my family on holidays. The memories of relaxation, calmness and tranquility. I wanted to re create family homes that brought a sparkle of the elements you loved when you are on holidays. I thinks that a home should not replicate a holiday resort as I still like to get away once in awhile but an accent of your favourite place that make you calm, relaxed and happy. On my website you can browse through Coastal and Tropical inspired interior moodboards as well as our top picks from amazing brands and boutiques in Australia. We absolutely love Tropical Style living and being able to create a home that has a holiday and relaxed feeling is our passion.

Finding products that create a relaxed and holiday inspired feel is what we are all about. As our online shop is specific to bath and lifestyle we love to support other shops with our  Coastal and Tropical living style.

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