Welcome to Coconut Interiors – an e-design service to help you transform your house into your home you’ve always dreamed of.


Hi, I’m Maria and I am the owner and e designer of Coconut Interiors.

I love to create dream spaces throughout the home to compliment a classic and relaxed lifestyle. Deep down I am also an organising geek. I believe that things around the home need to be categorised and fit inthe right space. At times my categorising drives my family crazy but I know deep down they love things being so organised around the home.

I am an interior designer by trade and I love what I do each day. I  live in Sydney’s beautiful eastern suburbs with my husband and three boys. I love to drink coffee, entertain at home and take my family on holidays.

My love of interiors and the design world started at a very young age. I remember always decorating and re locating pieces of furniture with my mum. It was a no brainer for me that I wanted to be an Interior Designer when I finished high school. I loved it when we would buy a new home and I could start planning on where furniture would be placed.

When I got married,  my husband learnt very quick that home styling and planning the interior space was very important. There was never a moment of, I am to tired to move around a piece of furniture.

When I was pregnant with a second child in 2008, we decided to build our own home. This is where I learnt  how to project manage and how to separate myself from being the designer as well and the home owner. I learnt  when selecting and planning for furniture and decor that  simple, classic and neutral tones, you can not go wrong. I am not afraid to use clolour but I have always felt most relaxed and happy with using less colour and focusing more on texture.

A few years after completing our home build and also with a 3rd baby on the way, I found this amazing art déco inspired home in the suburb of Rose Bay. I fell in love with the classic interior features of the house and I knew right then that we needed to buy this house to be our forever home. We bought the home within a week of it being listed on the market.

I always have believed in the motto when you really want something so bad, you just have to go and get it!

After moving into our place and completing some interior renovations to suit our own personal lifestyle needs, I decided to start up a  e-design interiors business to share my knowledge in creating classic and simple interior spaces that are affordable for people to design and create amazing family homes.

The ‘coconut’ name came from my absolute love of coconuts and childhood memories going on holidays with family relaxing on the beach, indulging in coconut juice and cocktails whilst enjoying the calmness and the tranquility of the palm trees. My vision through Coconut Interiors is to create family homes that bring that same feeling of happiness and simple relaxed living to your home.

My e-design service provides an affordable and easy process to create a space that will be desiring a name of ‘home’. Nothing makes me happier than seeing others make their house a home.

I hope that you leave my website feeling excited and inspired.

Feel free to browse my Instagram page for further inspiration.

Also watch out for my blog page where I will be showing how we as a family live a simple and relaxed lifestyle within a comfy family home.

Hope to hear from you soon so we can get creative.


Maria Ivanovski