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4 Tips to choosing the right vacuum cleaner

For those of you who are like me and like to vacuum the house as quick as possible , then the right vacuum is essential for you. Here are a few questions I asked myself prior to going out and purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Canister vs Upright? Am I cleaning mostly carpet or hard flooring? …


Our first family farm stay

Last month I booked a luxury farm stay for my family to celebrate my 7 year old son’s birthday. We have never been to a farm stay before and I thought it was about time we explore a different style of accommodation than what we normally tend to book and stay at. My son loves …


My Kitchen Handles

Putting some thought into selecting kitchen handles is very important. A simple change of handles can dramatically change the entire look of your kitchen. Recently I started the process of updating my existing kitchen with firstly adding new handles. I knew exactly the type of handles I wanted but did not want to spend a …


Tropical British Colonial Style

A beautiful mix between island life and English sophistication.   An exotic classic style with a light and fresh design.  A created space that makes you feel like you are permanently on vacation. I fell in love with this tropical style because of the layers, textures and the adventurous objects from their origin.  The addition of …


Tropics Inspired

The lifestyle of the tropics is about relaxed living, comfort and amazing hospitality. Life is care free and stress doesn’t exist. So lets take a trip to a tropical island and get inspired recreating island living in your home. Tropical interiors involve the use of natural materials, greenery, a bold accent colour and a foliage …