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New Build – 4th Bedroom

In our home we had 3 bedrooms in total for our family. My 2 younger boys share a bedroom and the oldest has a room to himself. My middle chid now does not want to share a room with his little brother and wanted us to build him a new room space. The easiest part was design and seeing where a space can be create , the hardest part was …

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Keeping your kids busy during lockdown

Keeping my kids busy and staying positive has been my focus the entire lockdown period. My boys have learnt many skills whilst home schooling. I am very proud of them and I am sure all parents feel the same about their own kids. The most exciting thing this week for them was when they received their Creative Kids packs. All 3 of my kids all enjoyed shopping together online to …


Painting exisiting bedside tables project

What I get most excited about is when I can re-use a piece of furniture and give it life again. Over the weekend we started to move the boys bedroom furniture around has my youngest is moving out of the shared bedroom with his brother. The 2 bedside tables were white and looked very kiddy like. As we wanted to re-used the side table and my 13 year old wanted …


4 Tips to choosing the right vacuum cleaner

For those of you who are like me and like to vacuum the house as quick as possible , then the right vacuum is essential for you. Here are a few questions I asked myself prior to going out and purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Canister vs Upright? Am I cleaning mostly carpet or hard flooring? What about a stick , robotic or handheld? What is my budget? I have tried …


Our first family farm stay

Last month I booked a luxury farm stay for my family to celebrate my 7 year old son’s birthday. We have never been to a farm stay before and I thought it was about time we explore a different style of accommodation than what we normally tend to book and stay at. My son loves farm animals and everything outdoors, so I thought this is the best opportunity to stay …


My Kitchen Handles

Putting some thought into selecting kitchen handles is very important. A simple change of handles can dramatically change the entire look of your kitchen. Recently I started the process of updating my existing kitchen with firstly adding new handles. I knew exactly the type of handles I wanted but did not want to spend a lot of money. My existing base kitchen cabinets are IKEA with a shaker profile and …


Selecting the right type of candles for your home

I love to decorate my home with candles even though most of the time I do not even light them . Here are my Top 9 candles that I love. Shop The Product… Click on the product name to be directed straight to the shop Candle Celistite French Vanilla | MRS DARCY Natural Soy Candle Coconut Lime | PAMILLI Strawberry Champagne Scented Candle | CELIA LOVES Sea Salt Standard Candle …


Tropical British Colonial Style

A beautiful mix between island life and English sophistication.   An exotic classic style with a light and fresh design.  A created space that makes you feel like you are permanently on vacation. I fell in love with this tropical style because of the layers, textures and the adventurous objects from their origin.  The addition of a white backdrop, greenery of palms and ferns as well as dark timbers transports you …