Tropical British Colonial Style

A beautiful mix between island life and English sophistication.  

An exotic classic style with a light and fresh design.  A created space that makes you feel like you are permanently on vacation.

I fell in love with this tropical style because of the layers, textures and the adventurous objects from their origin.  The addition of a white backdrop, greenery of palms and ferns as well as dark timbers transports you to a distination of pure luxury and tranquil living.

There is absolutely nothing more amazing than creating a home that represents British Colonial. So lets incorporate this beautiful style into your home.


The style has typically high ceilings with oversized fans to cool the room. Windows are added to let in light and seabreeze. Walls are a solid white colour.

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw’s home in the Caribbean


Formal dark timber furniture along side accent pieces of light weight bamboo, wicker and rattan furniture.

Bermuda Chair With Seat Cushion Brown by Alfresco Emporium
Image via Alfresco Emporium


Fabrics are a solid white linen or cotton with accent prints of exotic birds, palms, animal prints and tropical foliage or flowers. Rugs are a natural coloured jute or sisal.

Tropical Palm in Hedges Limited Edition by Tropique
Cushion image via Tropique website


Ornate mirrors and tropical foliage art is hung on the walls

Les Palmiers I Palm Tree Wall Art Print by French Knot
Image via French Knot website


Potted palms and ferns as well as exotic flowers are common in living spaces

Pinterest image via Searles Homewares


Display fine china and crystal

Image via pinterest