Candles for your home

Candles for your home

Candles are a beautiful accessory for your home or as a gift.

I love how they look when displayed in a room and the mood they create when lit.

My thoughts on selecting candles are, I like to buy stronger scented candles for a living or bathroom and tend to select the lighter scented for a bedroom.

Here are my Top 9 candles that I love.

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  1. Candle Celistite French Vanilla | MRS DARCY
  2. Natural Soy Candle Coconut Lime | PAMILLI
  3. Strawberry Champagne Scented Candle | CELIA LOVES
  4. Sea Salt Standard Candle | PALM BEACH COLLECTION
  5. Gardenia Large Candle | PEPPERMINT GROVE
  6. Black Ceramic Soy Candle Coconut Lime | SOUL & ARK
  7. Palm Springs Living Soy Candle | THE COMMONFOLK COLLECTIVE
  8. Coconut Milk & Sea Salt Madison Candle | ECOYA
  9. Coconut Husk & Rosewood Candle | HAYLEY MARIE