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New Kids Bedroom Reno
Home Renovation

New Build – Adding a 4th Bedroom

In our home we had 3 bedrooms in total for our family. My 2 younger boys share a bedroom and the oldest has a room to himself. My middle chid now does not want to share a room with his little brother and wanted us to build him a new room space. The easiest part was design and seeing where a space can be create , the hardest part was …

Home Renovation

Painting existing bedside tables project

What I get most excited about is when I can re-use a piece of furniture and give it life again. Over the weekend we started to move the boys bedroom furniture around has my youngest is moving out of the shared bedroom with his brother. The 2 bedside tables were white and looked very kiddy like. As we wanted to re-used the side table and my 13 year old wanted …