Flowers In Your Home

Flowers In Your Home

Add colour to your home with different types of flowers.
Fresh or faux flowers will add gorgeous colour and texture to a living space.Fresh flowers always look and smell great in a home but if you have allergies to flowers or can not afford buying fresh flowers on a regular bases, then buying faux flowers should be considered to add the depth and character to a particular room.

Simple styling with flowers for everyone.

Create elegance in your home  with white ceramic jugs and vessels.  The jugs and vessels can be filled with garden blooms,long branches and luscious green leaves. Having a range of jugs, vessels and vases on hand allows you to play around with different shapes. Placing them in clusters and seeing what works best for the space helps you then plan on what type and how many flowers you will need. If you are arranging you vases/jugs in clusters take note that all of them are not to be filled with flowers. The largest vessel or jug should hold the arrangement of flowers that will stand out in colour or texture.

Check out some places that have gorgeous jugs available currently for sale.

Gorgeous flower combinations you can work with are

Select your flowers for some people is easier than others but you will learn that practice makes perfect. Try out firstly the colours you love and think that would compliment your home. Think what type of home do I have? Is it traditional, contemporary, oriental, coastal, industrial, rustic and pick the floral type to match.

Some of my favourite flowers that I like to use around the home are :

  • Pastel Peonies
  • Japanese Anemone
  • Hydrangeas

Do not be afraid to buy flowers that you do not know the name of or have never bought before. The key to buying flowers is to pick the right colour. The flowers should compliment the space and complete the room.






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