How To Get Organised

When you are dealing with family, work and a home it  is impossible to have all under order.

Here are my tips on how I keep kaos at bay with a party of 5.

Step 1


Print or create your own weekly planner. This little piece of paper each week is a life saver for me. I complete my weekly planner with the entire family. We all sit down on Sunday after dinner to discuss what we have on and what meals we would like each day. All the information is added to the planner in pencil and then when everyone is in bed, I go through  what everyone has told me and ensure that the dates and activities for the week are correct. This planner is then placed on the fridge door and the entire family can  see what each member of the family have on that week.

get into a routine with a weekly planner as it eliminates the 100 questions a day a mum gets asked.


Step 2

Have a place for everything.

Kitchen Area : Containers, baskets and labels are very important pieces for the kitchen. Keep  the kitchen organised and teach yourself not to over spend when shopping for food. Categorise your pantry, so you know how much of everything you have. Put things in containers and baskets and then label them.  This has been very helpful for my family as we are now not buying more of the same thing when we are at the supermarket and we are learning how to save money  buying what we need to eat for the week.

Living Area: Create storage spaces and give them a name. Here are some of my examples of how I use my space around the house  to keep organised. All my cupboards and wardrobes I name so only specific items go in those spaces. We have a narrow cupboard by our entry door which I have named our shoe cupboard. Shelves were added in the space to create plenty of storage for the entire family to put their shoes in. We now only use this cupboard for shoes. Each member has a number of allocated shelf space   where they put their shoes. It is so much easier with the kids knowing where there shoes are each day and for myself checking which shoes they are outgrowing what if they need new ones.

If you want to keep the entire living area of your home clutter free, well all you need to do purchase baskets of various sizes and that match your decor to pop things in.  Cupboards, credenzas, tv units and bookshelves also create great storage space, particularly when you have kids. Allocating a space to pack away toys or books is very important and clutter is created with just adding a mix of things in one space.

Bedroom: The bedroom should be a peaceful and clean space where you go to unwind and rest for the day. A simple room consisting  of a bed, side table, wardrobe, an arm chair if the room allows  it and a few accessories of choice eliminates the clutter that can so easily be created in a bedroom. Never allow you bedroom to become the storage room.

Step 3

Label things.

Labelling items is a very important part to being organised. You need to buy yourself a label maker, tags or label stickers if you can to do things yourself or you can now shop online to buy beautiful labels. Make a list of the items you will need to be labelled and buy the labels that will suit. Labelling a box or item also creates an understanding for other people to be able to put the item in the correct spot again.

The places I like to add my label  to are :
Kitchen pantry
Office space
Storage Cupboards
Kids Wardrobes


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