New Build – 4th Bedroom

In our home we had 3 bedrooms in total for our family. My 2 younger boys share a bedroom and the oldest has a room to himself. My middle chid now does not want to share a room with his little brother and wanted us to build him a new room space.

The easiest part was design and seeing where a space can be create , the hardest part was finding trades to do the job.

Here is our journey in building a new bedroom for my son.

Step 1.

All our 3 bedrooms are located upstairs and we also have a very large living space. We focused on seeing what space of the upstairs living room would be good to convert to a bedroom. The room needed to look like it always was there and fitting within the design of the existing upstairs space. We also need to make sure that lighting a air conditioning vents wold be located within the new bedroom space.

Step 2.

I began to measure up the room space and draw up a floor plan for builders to quote and also to see how much furniture could fit inside.

Bedroom 4 Plan

This is the plan I draw up for getting quote from the trades

Bedroom 4 Elevation

The elevation is also important to provide to a trade so they understand what is required on the walls of a space

Step 3.

The trades we picked and booked

  • Carpenter – To frame up the walls and install new doors and trims
  • Gyprocker / Plasterer- To install insulation, gyprock the stud wall and plaster the wall ready for paint. Decorative cornice to be added
  • Electrician – Light switch relocation and new power point install
  • Us – painting and Ikea wardrobe install

Our most challenging thing in building a new bedroom was finding the decorative cornice to match the existing cornice. We could not find a supplier that could confirm that we had an identical match. We matched the patter but the size was a few mm off than the original cornice. The plasterer said he would do his best to make sure that you will not be able to see the difference.

Now 4 weeks later the room is complete and I could not be happier. My son has moved in and loves the space. I am now starting to create a moodboard for him to see what he thinks of furniture and decor pieces for his room.