Top 6 Interior Books for your home

We all love to look through a beautiful book that provides inspiration, excitement and information.

Sometimes the selection is endless and not to easy to pick. A great book or books that have a gorgeous cover that matches your home decor and is a fabulous read is hard to find.

As an Interior Designer, I have always used books to style a home. When you add books to certain areas of the home, you immediately add character, personality and depth to the space.

I love a home that has books that invite you to take a seat, pour yourself a drink and gets you to open its pages and find out what is inside. Certain books I also use as reference and love to get tips and tricks in improving my skill at styling rooms. These books I tend to display upright and on a shelf. The reference books I identify them as learning books and should be displays in a particular way.

Here are my tips in selecting fabulous books to buy for styling your home and to also enjoy a good read.

Tips ; Hard cover books that are about cooking, destinations and design are great books to display on a coffee table or book shelf

Finding the books that can do both are the books you will want to keep forever.

Here are my Top 6 selection for decorating your home with books

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